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A range of curtain tracks designed to provide superior function and a multitude of options. Tracks are available in cord, wand and motorised systems. The ball bearing runners easily carry heavy and wide curtains or choose a ripple system to be on the cutting edge of contemporary design. Ripple hand or wand drawn curtain tracks can be applied in Top Fix, Face Fix or Double Face Fix. The ripple effect is created by runners that are strung together. Cord Drawn Ripple tracks are applied to Top Fix and Single Face Fix. The chord runs in a separate channel behind the runners and is used to operate the curtain. The Urban systems provide a stunning stand-alone track system when no pelmet or valance is used.

Glide track options are Top Fix Hand Drawn used in Top Fix applications. Glide Hand Drawn and Glide Cord Drawn

With our motorized option a heavy duty track is used with 60kg capacity and a 220V motor. Available to use with either Glide or Ripple options.

Heavy-duty track systems for wide and heavy curtains | Corded, wand and motorised systems | Ripple Systems available

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