Outdoor Blinds

Resistant | Durable | Light Control

Enjoy time with family and friends outdoors no matter what the weather is.  Our Outdoor range is both a practical and stylish solution for your outdoor living area.

You can lower and raise our Free Hang Outdoor Blind by using a removable crank handle or motorise your blind. The blind is secured at the bottom using a choice of hold-down clips, which allow the blind to remain down during windy weather. You can also Motorise your Free Hang Blind.

The Channel X Blind gives a complete wall to wall finish and provides insulation and weather protection.  The blind is secured with a turn and lock, hold down system mounted in the centre of the bottom bar.

Our MDock Blinds are designed for outdoor spaces and to ease the effects of heat and light. The blind is secured with tension and a magnetic hold down system when the blind is in the closed position ensures almost no gap. It is stylish and practical.

Blind Time Outdoor Blinds - Freehang Blinds

Free Hang Blinds

Blind Time Outdoor Channel X Blinds

Channel X Blinds

Blind Time Outdoor Blinds - MDock Blinds

MDock Blinds