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Our Venetian Blinds are versatile and create a finessed look in any room whether you choose to tilt the slat and control your light and privacy or lift it all together to have full access of your view.

Our Venetian Blind range is available in; Aluminum 35 mm, Retro 50 mm, Wood and Wood Alloy.

The 35mm Aluminum Venetian Blind is a simple and durable blind. Using a 35mm slat gives the blind a sleek  look and also results in a far more durable blind that is far less prone to damage. A wide range of colours and finishes offers you perfect options to fit in with your décor and style.

Our 50 mm Retro Venetian Blind is a modern twist on a classic blind. It is available in a large variety of colours ranging from metallics to wood grain finishes. The blind combines metal and wood, allowing you to create your own unique look, a functional blind offering you total light control.

The Wood Venetian Blind is a functional blind that is often requested by clients. The 50mm Basswood slat is available in a wide variety of trend-setting colours giving you options to do something a little different with your home or office decor. The slat is coated with Dura-Coat and has a UV resistant finish that will give you a durable blind that has a perfect balance of form and function.

Blind Time’s Wood Alloy Venetian Blind is made from a patented material that makes them very durable. This blind does well in areas with high humidity, and it can withstand  prolonged exposure to heat and sunlight without fading, cracking or warping. It works well in both bathrooms and kitchens.

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